Savi Adrian Hausloop is a blog where you can find ideas,  innovations in technology,  focusing on  architecture and interior design.   After doing some research for personal projects,  we realized that there are many great architects or architectural firms and designers  we had never  heard before.  The projects we  present are property of great architects and are meant to  inspire and improve our lifestyle.   If you are passionate about architecture, lifestyle, sustainable technology or just to upgrade your home,  be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter and you will be up to date to every of our post.   You can found us on   Facebook   and   Twitter   also where you can share and discuss your latest ideas.  founder and editor  Savi Adrian  is from a beautiful Eastern-European country,  Romania.   He is an architect working full-time as a freelancer for United States,  Canada,  Australia,  Denmark  and Norway.


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J – CAD Inc. provides highly accurate 3D CAD design service to clients globally. We are able to use any 3D CAD software package our clients require including Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Catia, Unigraphics NX, Solidedge, Pro-E Wildfire, AutoCAD, Microstation & more. We can convert 3D CAD files from/to any CAD software a client requires so that the file is usable in the native software. We can also convert 2D drawings, sketches, image files into 3D CAD files needed for CNC machining or rapid prototyping. We work with many clients that need STL files required for 3D printing and offer 3D printing design.