I have seen this item in an beer commercial. I won’t tell you which one. It starts with  “H” and ends with “kenen”.  Until then i have never seen such a gadget. I have been to bars like everyone else but never give much importance to what happens under the counter.

01 Glass rinser 01 Glass rinser

Like all of you, i ordered my drink and went my way keep it real and nothing more. That is what being in a bar should be about. Just keep it simple and have lots of fun. Let the others worry about other stuff right?

02 Glass rinser

I am not a big beer drinker but when i go out with my friends i enjoy a beer once in a while. I never did care much for how they do it as long the beer taste good. But when i saw this gadget in that commercial it was something to remember.

03 Glass rinser

I thought, what if i would have one of these at home. It is not such a big deal do install it. You can put it in your kitchen or if you have one, in your bar. It is a wonderful think and it will make the difference.

04 Glass rinser

SPOILER ALERT :  To give you an example, i am a big cola drinker. I saw that when i put the cola in my dry glass, all the “pop”will vanish but if you rinse the glass first with cold water, the cola will have  a much better taste.

05 Glass rinser

And that is a fact. i tried with all sizes, from can coke to 2l bottle coke, it will taste better if you rinse the glass.

09 Glass rinser

If you have such an awesome think in your home or if you worked in a bar or still do, please let us know if what i’ve said is true for other persons too. If you do have this in your home, tell us how AWESOME it is.

08 Glass rinser

Leave us a comment, thank you and see you next time.