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Renovation farm in Schoonrewoerd by RVarchitectuur

Renovation farm in Schoonrewoerd by RVarchitectuur “The farm in Schoonrewoerd was built in the 18th century. However almost nothing can be found of its origins in the interior.

The renovated farm by RVarchitecture  has two stories: a ground floor and a second floor with sleeping rooms. De ground floor consists of two parts of 100m2 each; a living-room area and a dinner-room area with a kitchen and some remaining functions. The floor plan is an accumulation of all kind of habitations and renovations of former inhabitants. Only the wooden beams are ancient and show something of the original structure.

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Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange

Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange. After 17 years living in Banner Street, Christopher and James have given the apartment an upgrade. The new kitchen is made of Rosewood with a corian worktop, while silk wall paper and grey painted joinery are used to create a new library room.

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Futuristic Towel Dryer for Your Present Bathroom

PUREdesign  presents a futuristic towel dryer. It is a product that could help you.  This is because we have the Dry Clean, a very capable towel drier that not only dries towels but also disinfects them.

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How to Combine Traditional With Modern Architecture

Yasuragi, Stockholm.

“When designing the extension for Yasuragi, we took our point of departure in the place and the nature it sits in. Here, Japanese traditions meet Swedish architecture – a meeting that touches all the senses.

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Modern ranch in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Canada.


A new look for a classic ranch from the bharchitects

These luxury vineyard estates,  conveniently situated by the lake in the heart of the Okanagan Valley are comprised of 25 single family modern residential lots and infinity villas – an exclusive town modern residential development bringing the quality and benefits of exclusive urban living to a quality rural setting.

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Modern Residence Clean Energy Cliff House with lake view

Sustainable technology modern residence with beautiful design from Altius Project Team Architecture.

From Altius Architecture:  Set on a rock formation overlooking a spectacular lake, the Cliff House seeks to enhance the extraordinary surroundings through the thoughtful integration of modern residence building elements with the natural assets of the site and terrain.  The program called for intimate spaces carefully tuned to the unique views,  light,  and breezes of the site.  Self-sufficiency was a key client mandate as the project was to be located completely off-grid.

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Modern house in Mosman, Sydney, NSW

Modern house designed by architect  Luigi Rosselli  might look like another modern and expensive house on the block.  The house has more sustainable technologies and the split layout makes it full of natural lighting and ventilation in every space.  The Modern house design takes the eye and lead it to every corner of the house. Great choice of materials offering a contrast between white areas and wooden parts.

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New residence using sustainable technologies

Design         The team from   Altius architecture   present us a way to live, work and be inspired in a modern and green technology based residence.  Designed for a local artist to enjoy,  this residence is located just south of Collingwood,  in the heart of the Clearview  area.  A broad selection of sustainable technologies,  including a geothermal pond loop and green house set this project apart from others in the area.  The building itself draws inspiration from a number of intimate relationships and views,  both through the adjacent woodlands,  as well as across the nearby pond.

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