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Touch The Music With Ripple

Ripple by Jackson McConnell- A Speaker for the Hearing Impaired – Touch The Music With Ripple . What would a speaker for the hearing impaired look like?  This project explores how sound can be interpreted through touch and sight, rather than through audition. The object emits multi-toned vibrations, while the fluctuating needles manifest sound waves.

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Modern cool design for your new armchair

Here is a fresh cool design  with a fusion between wood and metal. The cold and the warm, mixed together. It is a cool design for your new living room, your library or even your covered balcony.

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Sustainable Development Housing in Nanterre By CFA

The Hoche ecodistrict is rising from the ground on old industrial sites. It has to mediate between the scale of the Chemin-de-l’Ile park and the A14 motorway that cuts through it, and the far smaller scale of an area of detached houses dating back to the 1930s.

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Modern architecture combined with historic building in Villa d’Adda from Bergamo

Villa d’Adda, Bergamo
The Torre del Borgo is one of the most famous fortified buildings in the history of Bergamo, in time became a “collector” of historical significance, artistic and social. The powerful and accurate invoice of the medieval walls, the integrity of the typological structure of the fortified house, the central position in the village, give this article the most complete sense of the monument.

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67 Different Modern Lamp Ideas for Your Home – Let it be Light!

Either if you want to improve the design or give some life to your space, i think that the ambient light is playing an important role. A good light design can improve your life style and cut the stress of from your life. There are so many great ideas of what you can do with your space. Either if you want to design a new bathroom, kitchen or living space you should take some time and consider what it will go best in that space.

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