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Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange

Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange. After 17 years living in Banner Street, Christopher and James have given the apartment an upgrade. The new kitchen is made of Rosewood with a corian worktop, while silk wall paper and grey painted joinery are used to create a new library room.

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Sms and Email Pen by Yankodesign

This Sms and Email Pen by Yankodesign sends emails, sms and saves every note you take. Is this something that you could really use?

Is this better than your smartphone, tablet or notebook. The advantage is that it is small and i think the battery will last longer than the smartphone.

Do we really need something like this in our life ?

I think it would have been best with a twitter app installed rather than sms and emails.

What do you think of this?

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An Healthy and Efficient Office to Improve Employee Morale

Avon Cosmetics European Headquarters Northampton, United Kingdom

An Healthy and Efficient Office to Improve Employee Morale

Avon’s Cosmetics new headquarters was designed to reflect and enhance the company’s brand values to both attract and motivate employees. Some of the perks available to the facility’s staff include: staff training facilities, a restaurant, an employee shop and a history room.

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Douglass Park Modern residence by Azevedo Design inc

A huge amount of volume and light were freed from this compartmentalized 1970’s house. Design by Azevedo Design inc.

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State Of The Art Healthcare Facility by Wingate & Farquhar

This state of the art healthcare facility by Wingate & Farquhar will provide radiotherapy services for patients in the Bay of Plenty, who currently have to travel out of the region for their treatment.

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How to Combine Traditional With Modern Architecture

Yasuragi, Stockholm.

“When designing the extension for Yasuragi, we took our point of departure in the place and the nature it sits in. Here, Japanese traditions meet Swedish architecture – a meeting that touches all the senses.

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Umbrella Homes – Sustainable house with passive annual heat storage

Umbrella Homes

“A simple underground house design uses a novel insulating/water-shedding blanket that covers the structure and surrounding soil. The umbrella creates a huge subterranean thermal reservoir that soaks up the sun’s energy during summertime and stores it for winter heating.”

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Why do we need homes?

It’s a fair question, why do we need homes? From the beginning of time, humans looked for shelter. Shelter against bad weather, against enemies or wild animals. Our  survival instinct lead us to look for shelter. In present days we even don’t have to get out from our homes.

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Private Villa on Lake Como Italy designed by Marco Piva

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Every time i see one of these modern houses i have one question in my mind: Man they have a an awesome cleaning service! I know that at the picture time the house was spotless and like brand new out of the box but it looks too clean right ? I want to see one of these houses how they look after a month or so after someone lived in it. To see it in action. I don’t own a house like this and maybe one of you do so it will be nice to hear your opinion about this.

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