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Renovation farm in Schoonrewoerd by RVarchitectuur

Renovation farm in Schoonrewoerd by RVarchitectuur “The farm in Schoonrewoerd was built in the 18th century. However almost nothing can be found of its origins in the interior.

The renovated farm by RVarchitecture  has two stories: a ground floor and a second floor with sleeping rooms. De ground floor consists of two parts of 100m2 each; a living-room area and a dinner-room area with a kitchen and some remaining functions. The floor plan is an accumulation of all kind of habitations and renovations of former inhabitants. Only the wooden beams are ancient and show something of the original structure.

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Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange

Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange. After 17 years living in Banner Street, Christopher and James have given the apartment an upgrade. The new kitchen is made of Rosewood with a corian worktop, while silk wall paper and grey painted joinery are used to create a new library room.

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Modern cool design for your new armchair

Here is a fresh cool design  with a fusion between wood and metal. The cold and the warm, mixed together. It is a cool design for your new living room, your library or even your covered balcony.

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Slat House – A Sophisticated Remodelling of a 1930’s Semi-detached House

The Slat House represents an unusual two – storey extension, and sophisticated remodelling of a 1930’s semi-detached house, to provide an extra bedroom, bathroom and study/ garage by Carl Turner-architects.

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Douglass Park Modern residence by Azevedo Design inc

A huge amount of volume and light were freed from this compartmentalized 1970’s house. Design by Azevedo Design inc.

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A Different Way To Furniture Your Home

Flat Stanley Origami chair is an exploration of that idea where a pattern can be flat and folded to create something useful. The chair is made of panels of wood with canvas between to allow flexing with a vinyl skin to cover the joints.”

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Umbrella Homes – Sustainable house with passive annual heat storage

Umbrella Homes

“A simple underground house design uses a novel insulating/water-shedding blanket that covers the structure and surrounding soil. The umbrella creates a huge subterranean thermal reservoir that soaks up the sun’s energy during summertime and stores it for winter heating.”

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Modern living Altera Apartments in Auckland, New Zealand.

“Located at the gateway to the new Auckland suburb of Stonefields, the 5-storey Altera complex comprises 44 high quality two and three bedroom apartments with basement carparking. Designed around multiple circulation cores, the dual aspect apartment plans provide a high level of amenity, maximising natural light and providing effective natural ventilation to living spaces and bedrooms.

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Transform your farm house in a modern living place

Modern farmhouse by Tim Cuppett Architects

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Why do we need homes?

It’s a fair question, why do we need homes? From the beginning of time, humans looked for shelter. Shelter against bad weather, against enemies or wild animals. Our  survival instinct lead us to look for shelter. In present days we even don’t have to get out from our homes.

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