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Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange

Modern apartment upgrade on Banner street London by Orange. After 17 years living in Banner Street, Christopher and James have given the apartment an upgrade. The new kitchen is made of Rosewood with a corian worktop, while silk wall paper and grey painted joinery are used to create a new library room.

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How Can White Wood Look in Your Kitchen

You have seen the white wood finish on a wide range of furniture pieces. Here is how it looks in, i would say, a very modern looking kitchen.

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50 Kitchen Gadgets You Will Want for Your Kitchen

         I found some really cool gadgets, you can buy them all from different e-commerce sites. I don’t know how good they do their job but they sure look good. I like the ideas and that step by step we can improve our life. I know that many of you could really use some of this in your kitchen and some of you could just play around to see how they work, right ? I know i would.

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