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Modern cool design for your new armchair

Here is a fresh cool design  with a fusion between wood and metal. The cold and the warm, mixed together. It is a cool design for your new living room, your library or even your covered balcony.

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Futuristic Towel Dryer for Your Present Bathroom

PUREdesign  presents a futuristic towel dryer. It is a product that could help you.  This is because we have the Dry Clean, a very capable towel drier that not only dries towels but also disinfects them.

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A Different Way To Furniture Your Home

Flat Stanley Origami chair is an exploration of that idea where a pattern can be flat and folded to create something useful. The chair is made of panels of wood with canvas between to allow flexing with a vinyl skin to cover the joints.”

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If all the buildings could have a modern loft

Modern loft interior design and some great examples by   nudedesign Arrital CucineMothiform  / Dragon Art / Piotr Czech

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Why Floor to Ceiling Windows?

  A Guest Post by Brian Ashworth


I blame architect Philip Johnson with his ‘Glass House’ of 1949 for starting the trend.

As well as several copycat designs, I see hundreds of houses with floor to ceiling windows.

When the architect is having the publicity photos taken with the right lighting conditions, or you are looking round a display house, they can look impressive.

In real life it can be a different matter.

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Modern ranch in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Canada.


A new look for a classic ranch from the bharchitects

These luxury vineyard estates,  conveniently situated by the lake in the heart of the Okanagan Valley are comprised of 25 single family modern residential lots and infinity villas – an exclusive town modern residential development bringing the quality and benefits of exclusive urban living to a quality rural setting.

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Urban bench, a contemporary urban furniture by Aart

Brilliant idea for urban sitting with many form options to use one, two or how many pieces we desire by Link from Aart.

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